7 tips for a quick beer cooling

Finally football World Cup again! This event wraps all of the country in a special atmosphere. Party and party mood is announced. What could be better than meeting good friends in the garden and watching the matches of our national team? Of course, cold beer is indispensable. But what to do if beer is no longer in the fridge or has the beer developed into a “tea” in the hot temperatures? A horror scenario for every beer lover, because who wants to drink warm beer. For this emergency you should be prepared and have stubby holders in store. So that you can always and everywhere enjoy a cold beer, except it here are some good tips for beer cooling for you.

  1. The cool bag or cooler

Well known and available in almost all sizes, a cooler or bag is ideal for keeping your beer cool. It is only necessary to store enough cooling batteries in it. Tip: An absolutely ingenious product is the cooler bag with combined folding chair.

  1. Buried as beer cooling

The most natural fridge ever is the “earth” in the truest sense of the word. Everyone has ever buried their feet in the sand on the beach and noticed that at shallow depths, the temperature is much cooler than at the surface. So if you want an ecological beer cooling, you just have to shovel a hole and bury your beer in it. Disadvantage the bottles must be cleaned before drinking, depending on the surface.

  1. Dry ice

Dry ice is frozen CO2 with temperatures down to -50 ° C. At these temperatures, of course, the beer can cool quickly, with the effect that the dry ice begins to steam interesting when it is in the fresh air. However, it is also important to ensure safe handling of dry ice, skin contact can cause serious burns, and it should also be drunk under any circumstances.

  1. Self-cooling dispenser

For whole beer kegs, self-cooling dispensers are used for proper beer cooling. For the dispensers, of course, a power connection is needed. What can be a bit difficult on the beach.

  1. Ice cubes

Ice cubes you get today at almost every “street corner”, i.e. in the nearest supermarket, beverage market or at the gas station, packaged to buy. All you need is a larger container to fill with ice and beer. It’s a bit easier to just open the bag and put a few beers in to cool it. Tip: Making the Beer Box Ice Cube fits perfectly on a box of beer and evenly cools all the bottles in it.

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